New high current shielded inductor series for multiple applications

Post Date:2020-04-09,Bourns Inc.

Bourns has added nine new series to its SRP series of power inductors. These new Model SRP inductor series are designed to meet high current and low emission requirements in a small form factor. The company's latest inductors provide a coil that can be wound with a round or flat wire and fully molded into an iron-based magnetic metal alloy powder core. This type of structure has compact dimensions, magnetic shielding, high current capability, low hum and excellent temperature stability.

SRP1040VA and SRP6030VA inductors are made with new metal alloy powder formula and round enamelled copper wire. The company's innovative metal alloy powder formulation can increase the operating temperature to 180C (including self-heating). This makes these AEC-Q200 compliant inductors ideal for many high temperature environments and high reliability designs including LED lighting, DC-DC converters and power supplies. The inductance rating range provided is 0.47–22µH.

The SRP4018FA series also conforms to the AEC-Q200 standard, and uses flat enamelled copper enamelled copper wire in the self-lead terminal structure to provide extremely low DC resistance. Providing a lower DC resistance means that the inductor consumes less power during the entire operation, especially at higher currents and switching frequencies, so that the DC-DC converter has higher power efficiency. This model series has an inductance range of 0.33–1.2µH and an operating temperature range of –55C to + 155C. Because this series complies with the AEC-Q200 standard, it is the best choice for a wide range of applications requiring high power efficiency and higher reliability.

In addition, the SRP1245C, SRP1265C, SRP3012C, SRP3020C, SRP5020C and SRP5030C models are based on their enamelled round copper wire structure and provide high inductance options. These models are commercial grade, providing OEM with cost-effective resolution, suitable for high-volume consumer electronics applications that do not require AEC-Q200 compatible inductors. These models have an inductance range of 0.1–33µH and an operating temperature range of –40C to + 125C.

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