Microchip - Expanded SiC family provides system level improvements

Post Date:2020-04-10,Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has expanded its portfolio of smaller, lighter and more efficient SiC power modules. Together with its extensive MCU and analog product portfolio, the company meets the needs of high-power system control, drivers and power stages-providing customers with total system solutions.

The company's SiC series includes commercially qualified SBD-based power modules in 700V, 1200V and 1700V variants. The new power module series integrates a variety of topologies, including dual diodes, full bridges, phase legs, dual common cathodes and three-phase bridges, and provides different current and packaging options. The addition of the SiC SBD module simplifies the design by integrating and matching multiple substrates of SiC diodes into one module, thereby simplifying the design, thereby maximizing the switching efficiency and reducing the heat Rise and reduce the system footprint.

Leon Gross, vice president of business at Microchip's Discrete Products Division, said: "The adoption and expansion of SiC technology is the driving force of today's system innovation, and Microchip is in a leading position, working with customers in various fields and global regions." Is to provide reliable and innovative solutions. From definition to product launch, our SiC technology has excellent reliability and durability, which can help power system designers to ensure a long service life without reducing performance.

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