Power Integrations - Expanded range of ICs includes robust GaN transistors

Post Date:2020-04-13,Power Integrations

Power Integrations has expanded its InnoSwitch3 series of offline CV / CC flyback switch ICs. The new INN3x78C device includes a smaller "size 8" 750V PowiGaN transistor, which enables a compact and efficient power supply, providing 27W to 55W of power without a heat sink. These ICs share the same components in a larger device family, are packaged in high-creep, safety-compliant InSOP-24D, and have a maximum target power of 120W.

The efficiency of the technology on the entire line and load is as high as 94%, and it is also very rugged, making it extremely resistant to power surges and surges, which is usually seen in areas with unstable power supply voltages. This allows OEMs to specify a single power supply design to be adopted globally. Applications for new parts include USB PD and high-current chargers / adapters for mobile devices and displays, set-top boxes, network and gaming products and appliances, especially those that strive to comply with planned European energy label regulations.

Chris Lee, Director of Product Marketing at Power Integrations, commented: "Our demand for high-efficiency 750V GaN transistors for high-efficiency AC / DC converter ICs is growing. The relationship between the breakdown voltage of silicon MOSFETs and COSS-related switching losses is difficult At the same time achieve electrical strength and efficiency. Our high-strength PowiGaN transistors have very low COSS, so it is very simple to obtain efficiency and low field return rate of more than 94% from the tropical market. "

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