Toshiba - Two new N-channel power MOSFETs enhance power supply efficiency

Post Date:2020-05-22,Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

Toshiba Electronics Europe has released two new 80V N-channel power MOSFETs based on its latest generation U-MOSX-H process. These two devices are ideal for a variety of power applications that require low-loss operation, including high-efficiency AC / DC and DC-DC conversion in data centers and communication base stations, and various motor-driven equipment.

Both TPH2R408QM and TPN19008QM are 80V U-MOSX-H products. Compared with the corresponding 80V products in the previous process (such as U-MOSVIII-H), the drain-source on-resistance (RDS (ON)) is reduced by about 40%. As a result, the RDS (ON) value of TPN19008QM is 19mOhm (maximum), while the TPH2R408QM value is only 2.43mOhm.

Optimizing the device structure increased the trade-off between RDS (ON) and gate charge characteristics by 15%, and the trade-off between RDS (ON) and output charge was increased by 31%. Linking it to RDS (ON) improvements means that the new device can provide the industry's lowest power consumption.

Both devices are housed in surface-mount packages with a rated drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 80V. They can work at channel temperatures up to 175C. TPN19008QM has a rated drain current (ID) of 34A and is packaged in advance with 3.3mm x 3.3mm TSON; TPH2R408QM has a rated ID of 120A and is packaged in advance with 5mm x 6mm SOP.

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