Vishay - Commercial and automotive grade inductors lower costs and save space

Post Date:2020-05-22,Vishay Semiconductor Diodes Division

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its IHLE series of thin high-current inductors to provide a new type of electronic shielding that can reduce EMI through new commercial and automotive-grade equipment in a 5050 case size. Vishay Dale IHLE-5050FH-51 and IHLE-5050FH-5A reduce costs and save board space by eliminating the need for a separate board-level Faraday shield.

The device contains the electric field and B field related to EMI in the tinned copper integrated shielding layer. When the integrated shielding layer is grounded, the electric field attenuation is as high as -20dB at 1 cm (above the center of the inductor). These inductors can operate at a high temperature of + 155C, and the four-terminal coplanarity is within ≤100µm, optimized for energy storage in DC-DC converters up to 2MHz, and up to SRF SRF provides excellent noise attenuation in high current filtering applications. Inductor.

The application programs of IHLE-5050FH-51 include server and desktop PC. Low-profile, high-current power supply; high-current POL converter and battery-powered equipment. IHLE-5050FH-5A that meets the requirements of AEC-Q200 can be used in automotive engine and transmission control units, motors, diesel injection drives, windshield wipers, rearview mirrors and seats, heating and ventilation blowers, entertainment / navigation systems And LED noise suppression and HID lighting.

The inductor is 100% lead-free (Pb) shielded, and the composite structure package can reduce the hum to an ultra-low level. It has high resistance to moisture, thermal shock and mechanical shock, and can deal with high transient current spikes without Will be saturated. These devices meet RoHS, halogen-free and Vishay Green requirements.

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