TI provides flexible two-chips at lower system cost Wireless backhaul software-defined radio platform.

Post Date:2021-07-20,Texas Instruments

TI provides flexible two-chips at lower system cost
Wireless backhaul software-defined radio platform.

SoC and supporting analog front end enable backhaul developers to meet the wide spectrum of spectrum and protocol diversity in use today, including NLoS, TV white space, LTE relay backhaul, and emerging shared frequency bands
The new SoC also supports small cell LOS connectivity

. In order to achieve this capacity, operators have begun to deploy small-cell wireless base stations to provide the best solution for backhaul connections. However, due to operators' strict requirements for efficiency, range and performance, the wireless backhaul part of the solution is recognized as a challenge.

Texas Instruments (TI) (stock code: TXN) is meeting these requirements with the industry's most flexible backhaul system-on-chip (SoC) TCI6631K2L. TI's KeyStone((TM))-based TCI6631K2L provides developers with a general software-defined radio (SDR) programmable platform to reduce system cost and power consumption to cope with various configurations of wireless backhaul. By combining TCI6631K2L with the analog front-end transceiver AFE7500, TI has developed a unique two-chip solution designed to achieve scalability and adaptability to cover non-line-of-sight (NLOS) from TV white space (TVWS) The frequency spectrum (UHF/VHF) is up to 6GHz, and the line of sight (LOS) is up to 86GHz.

Fully integrated analog and digital solutions
TI’s TCI6631K2L two-chip wireless backhaul solution provides exactly this; a fully integrated analog and digital solution with minimal footprint and power distribution, enabling complete design in a small package within the POE+ power footprint . TCI6631K2L utilizes the fastest dual ARM® Cortex® -A15 RISC processors and four TI fixed-point and floating-point TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation cores as part of TI's efficient KeyStone SoC architecture, supporting L1/L2/L3 and transmission Processing.

The AFE7500 radio transceiver is the most advanced integrated RF-to-bits SoC. AFE supports a wideband 2X3 MIMO configuration with integrated data converter and PLL, which can provide first-class performance to meet the needs of the backhaul market. The AFE7500 connects directly to the TCI6631K2L through a standard JESD204B connection, allowing the use of digital radio front-end (DRFE) functions to obtain better power amplifier efficiency while reducing board space and system cost. Functions include auxiliary data converters (ADC and DAC), temperature sensors, and general-purpose digital IO.

TI also offers a broad portfolio of complementary analog components, including clock and timer solutions as well as power-over-Ethernet PD and PSE solutions. This puts TI in a unique position in the industry to deal with small cell challenges at the system level. With its long-term leadership in base station technology, combined with its analog expertise, TI provides a better wireless experience for everyone, from consumers to network operators to small cell backhaul manufacturers.

Save time, budget and resources for customers
Using TI’s wireless backhaul solutions and KeyStone-based multi-core software development kit (MCSDK) and radio frequency software development kit (RFSDK), customers can develop a complete SDR platform, including WiFar, WiMax and LTE relay functions, suitable for a series of Backhaul products. TI's MCSDK is an open source software solution and toolkit that enables developers to quickly start using the TCI6631K2L SoC. RFSDK facilitates the quick start function of the AFE7500 and allows simple software configuration changes to adapt to almost all frequency bands of the NLOS solution. MCSDK and RFSDK are provided together with the evaluation module (EVM) for a more powerful out-of-the-box experience, saving developers years of development work.

Available functions
TI’s TCI6631K2L. Samples of AFE7500 are available for qualified customers.

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 TI's KeyStone multi-core architecture
Texas Instruments (TI)'s KeyStone multi-core architecture is a true multi-core innovation platform that provides developers with a powerful portfolio of high-performance, low-power multi-core devices. The KeyStone architecture releases breakthrough performance and is the basis for the development of TI's new TMS320C66x DSP series. KeyStone is different from any other multi-core architecture because it can provide complete processing power for each core in a multi-core device. KeyStone-based devices are optimized for the high-performance market, including wireless base stations, mission-critical, test and automation, medical imaging, and high-performance computing.

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. By hiring the brightest people in the world, TI has created the innovation of the future of technology. Today, TI is helping more than more customers change the future.

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