5.8G ETC license plate recognition module, effectively improving the accuracy of license plate recognition

Post Date:2021-07-25,Taitien

5.8G ETC license plate recognition module, effectively improving the accuracy of license plate recognition

The ETC recognition module is a module developed based on NWF580, which meets both the GB/T20851.1-2007 communication standard and the toll road network toll ambiguous path recognition two technical requirements.

The ETC recognition module uses 5.8G radio frequency technology, which can effectively quickly connect the ETC roadside unit (RSU) and the ETC on-board unit (OBU), and read the license plate number in the OBU and provide it to the parking lot gate. Control system use. The combination of 5.8G ETC module and camera vehicle license plate recognition technology can avoid bad weather conditions such as dim light, rain, fog, snow and other adverse weather conditions that affect the camera license plate recognition, and obtain OBU vehicle license plate information through radio frequency to improve equipment The purpose of the license plate recognition rate is to help system integrators effectively solve the problem of deduction caused by inaccurate recognition, realize more accurate deduction services, and improve user experience.

Improve recognition efficiency and accuracy,
Less affected by the weather environment,
Low cost, simple function
Small size, can be embedded on the control board;
Built-in standard algorithm, flexible configuration,
Can read OBU information, including license plate number, license plate color, vehicle type, user type, etc.;

Recognition distance: 5~6 meters
Transmitting power: 20~28dBm can be set
Receiving sensitivity: -90~-50dBm can be set
Antenna beam: 60 degrees
Transmission frequency:
Channel 1: 5.83GHz
Channel 2: 5.84GHz
Receiving frequency:
Channel 1: 5.79GHz
Channel 2: 5.80GHz
Reading time: 500 milliseconds, 5 license plates

  Electrical characteristics
Input voltage: 4.5-7v
IO voltage: 3.3 volts
Working current: less than 200 mA
Standby current: less than 1 mA

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