Osram will promote wireless lighting in smart buildings

Post Date:2021-07-25,OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc.

Osram will promote wireless lighting in smart buildings

Osram provides interoperability between the Casambi CBU-DCS module and the Osram DEXAL driver. Therefore, the module has been registered as an official "use with OSRAM DEXAL" component. This highlights the ability of lighting professionals to implement various complex lighting solutions in smart buildings.

This interoperability means that drivers can be seamlessly connected through an interface, using Casambi's lighting management system and more and more leading manufacturers of "Casambi Ready" lamps, components and control equipment. Compatibility with DEXAL interface technology will allow simplified lighting installation in a wide range of applications.

Casambi stated: “OSRAM’s DEXAL interface technology enhances Casambi’s intention to continue to provide our customers with high performance, functionality and interoperability based on successful standards and practical solutions on the market.” The rapidly growing Casambi ecosystem is driven by For seamless coordination, Casambi believes that interoperability with DALI is very important. "

The senior product manager of Osram said: "The goal of our partnership with Osram DEXAL is to enable us to actively participate in the vibrant and fast-growing lighting world. We believe that partnerships can bring various connected lighting solutions to the market. Our Dexal The compatibility between LED drivers and Casambi control modules can meet the growing demand for connected devices.

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