Why the global chip is out of stock

Post Date:2021-08-04,Texas Instruments

Why the global chip is out of stock
Expert analysis has the following reasons

1. Impact of the epidemic: Affected by the epidemic, many chip foundry companies have experienced a decline in production capacity and even face shutdowns. This is the main reason for the global shortage of chips today. 2. Manufacturers hoarding: According to media reports, since the second half of last year, in order to ensure stable supply, many manufacturers began to panic hoarding chips, which exacerbated the global chip supply gap. 3. Increased market demand: With the development of the automotive industry and the mobile phone industry, coupled with the boom in the virtual currency market since 2020, the global market's demand for chips has increased significantly. How long will the chip shortage last? Some experts said that the global chip shortage is expected to last until 2023, because the current chip manufacturing industry still needs time to meet the market demand from the market demand situation. Recently, Lei Jun, CEO of China's Xiaomi Group, said that chips will continue to be in short supply in the next two years, and the price of electronic products may rise.

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