Analog Devices-Dual and single µModule regulators provide high peak and thermal performance

Post Date:2021-08-04,Adafruit Industries LLC

Analog Devices-Dual or single µModule regulators provide high peak efficiency and excellent thermal performance

ADI's Power by Linear LTM4662 is a dual 15A and single 30A step-down µModule regulator, using BGA packaging technology, with exposed stacked inductors to improve thermal performance. The remaining components, DC-DC controller, MOSFET and supporting components are all compressed. The entire device is packaged in 11.25mm x 15mm x 5.74mm BGA. In the case of restricted airflow, the device is easy to cool because the inductor quickly transfers heat from the power stage to the surrounding environment.

With a peak efficiency of 96%, the device can continuously provide 30A current at 12V to 1.0VOUT, 200VFM airflow and 70C ambient temperature. The device adopts small package size, dual voltage regulator design and precise voltage accuracy to meet the PCB area limitation of dense system boards, and can power low-voltage and high-current devices such as ASICs, FPGAs, microprocessors, and GPUs.

Applications include PCIe boards, cloud-based systems, communication infrastructure, as well as medical, industrial, and

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